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Patrick Lambert knows a thing or two about rearing turkeys. He's been doing it for over 22 years. And his turkeys are the most pampered, contented, slowly-reared, traditionally-farmed turkeys in the business.

They're also the most delicious.

Patrick keeps his flock small, so he can keep a proper eye on them. His turkeys exemplify the difference between supermarket turkeys (wet plucked, so they cannot be hung or they'd go off) and slowly-reared turkeys that have been dry-plucked, hand finished and then hung, to bring out all the flavour.

The result is tasty, succulent meat, which is easy to cook, because its natural layer of fat means it needs no basting.

Patrick entrusted Cookson Marketing with the redesign of his brand identity. Then with his website. Then with a complete spectrum of marketing initiatives, most of which were aimed at increasing farm gate sales. They included: advertising, local PR, trade and consumer leaflets, personalised customer letters, signage, banners, and a film about the farm.

According to Patrick, farm gate sales are up by 20%.

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