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Per-Egil Hansen has been involved with medical imaging systems for many years. He has created medical archives, which can be used to train specialists, give second opinions and help with diagnosis. And he has worked with a number of organisations that can transform the way this resource is delivered to hospitals. One of these is Glocal Health Informatics (GHI). Another is its sister company, Gremium.

These companies are revolutionising the delivery of healthcare. By bringing together expertise in green energy and IT infrastructure, they can deliver a complete solution to almost any local healthcare situation or demand, and in almost any environment.

There are many places on earth with no basic healthcare. These include remote rural villages, disaster zones, small islands, and military bases, where there may be no local medical expertise, no clean water and no electricity.

Together, Gremium and GHI can provide a 'Green Village' with the resources necessary for basic healthcare. These include a local infrastructure of 'green' electricity (via solar, wind, or water power), clean water, and access, via cloud technology, to sophisticated telemedicine solutions.

Cookson Marketing designed the logos for these organisations, and created the websites.

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