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Nigel Williams and his family have been involved in egg production for over 25 years. His hens run around in grassy meadows by day, then roost in the hen equivalent of a five-star luxury hotel at night. (The roosting system is his own design and has been independently judged the best in the business).

Nigel has dedicated over 10% of his farmland to nature, by planting trees and insect-friendly flowers and grasses, which now grow alongside a flowing stream.

In 2013, in recognition of his work for hen welfare and environmental responsibility, he became the only UK hen-egg farmer to be awarded Conservation Grade status.

Cookson Marketing helped him to achieve this recognition. We also created the Dinton Farm brand, website, literature and packaging. We then designed and manned a stand at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair at Olympia, in September 2013. The follow-up has already attracted new customers.

We are now helping with the early stage negotiations for listing with a major supermarket.

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